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Citizen Advocacy…

is an unusual name.  When we talk about it, we often find ourselves saying what it isn’t.  It isn’t part of the government bureaucracy.  It isn’t a church or political group, and it isn’t a complaints service..........

Citizen Advocacy…

facilitates the establishment of advocacy relationships between

a person with a disability (protégé)

- who is vulnerable

- who has significant unmet needs


a citizen

-  who is competent, principled and resourceful

-  who makes a commitment to become involved in a relationship to the person with disability in order to meet some of that person's needs as if they were their own

-  who is prepared to work in an unpaid capacity

Is there a role for you?

Community support and involvement is important  and your support is more than welcome.  Just call or email us with your enquiry and our Co-ordinator will contact you as soon as possible.

You can become involved in Capricorn Citizen Advocacy by

-  Becoming a Citizen Advocate

-  Becoming a Member of the Association

-  Nominating for the Management Committee

-  Considering becoming an Advocate Associate - someone with skills and knowledge in particular areas who can support Citizen Advocates by providing advice

Bring to our attention the situation of a person with a disability who is vulnerable and who has unmet needs.




"A community where all people are equally valued"



The mission of Capricorn Citizen Advocacy is to promote protect and defend the personal well-being and interests of vulnerable people with disabilities who have unmet needs in order to enhance and maintain their identity and role as human beings, growing and developing persons and citizens.